Professional product and advertising photography

Good photos of products sell and encourage to contact. Customers are more likely to buy products that look attractive.

With our advertising and product photos:

  • you will get professional photos scaled to the format you need without losing quality and you can easily attach them to every sale offer,

  • you will present the product and its most important details professionally,

  • you will attract attention, excite emotions and gain more customers,

  • thanks to quality you will stand out from the competition and increase your sales.

In our photo studio in Wroclaw, we implement the following:

  • product images on a white background - packshots,

  • product photos on any background color,

  • photos for advertising websites (allegro, olx, others),

  • photos for websites and online stores,

  • advertising photography,

  • photography of clothing,

  • business photos,

  • photoshoots.

We encourage you to become familiar with the price list of our services. The final valuation depends on the type of product, its size and the total number of products to be photographed.



Net price from:


  • BASIC package

  •  Small products up to about 60x60cm.

  •  Photos on a white background.

  •  Basic color processing.

  •  Resolution up to 2,592x2,592 pixels.

Net price from:


  • STANDARD package

  •  Small products up to about 60x60cm.

  •  Photos on a white background.

  •  Basic color processing.

  •  Basic photo retouching:

    •  removing dust,

    •  removing scratches.

  •  Product alignment.

  •  Complex products.

  •  Resolution up to 3,456x3,456 pixels.

Net price from:


  • PREMIUM package

  • Products larger than 60x60cm.

  •  Pictures on any background color.

  •  Professional color processing.

  •  Advanced retouching.

  • Product alignment.

  •  Possibility of adding shadows.

  •  Photos of:

    •  glass products,

    •  shiny products,

    •  products requiring assembly.

  •  Resolution up to 5,184x3,456 pixels.


Advertising photography

Net price from:



Photography of clothing

Net price from: